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自考英语二试题及答案 1


1._______ at all is worth doing well.

A. Whatever is worth doing B. That is worth doing C. What is worth doing it D. Whatever is worth doing it

2.He bought a house for his children ________.

A. lived in B. to live in C. lived D. to live

3.By the middle of the 21st century,the vast majority of the world‘s population will be living in cities _______ in the country.

A. other than B. more than C. better than D. rather than

4.People appreciate _______ with him because he is knowledgeable and humorous.

A. talking B. talked C. talk D. to talk

5.Imports will be allowed in proportion _______ exports.

A. to B. for C. out D. of

6.They built a highway _______ the mountains.

A. lead into B. to lead into C. led into D. leading into

7.It _______ for two hours now.

A. rains B. is raining C. has rained D. has been raining

8.The girl was lucky enough to _______ the bad men and ran away.

A. break away B. break away from C. break out D. break into

9.The policeman came up to the lonely house with the door _______, _______ there for a while and then entered it.

A. open; to stand B. opening; stood C. open; stood D. opened; standing

10._______ the new plan can be carried out will be discussed at the meeting tomorrow.

A. Which B. What C. That D. Whether

11.Neither English nor Chinese ________ difficult to learn.

A. has B. have C. is D. are

12.It is obvious how bad movies will impact ________ children.

A. on B. to C. with D. in

13.The Roman goddess Venus is identified _______ the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

A. with B. by C. for D. to

14.He declined _______ more about it.

A. say B. to say C. said D. saying

15.The government called out policemen to suppress the riot.

A. 政府派警察镇压动乱

B. 政府把警察叫出来镇压动乱

C. 政府给警察打电话让他们出去压迫动乱

D. 政府高喊要警察出去镇压动乱

16.The new laws threaten to deprive many people _______ the most elementary freedoms.

A. from B. for C. of D. about

17._______ he has enough money to buy the house, it doesn‘t mean he’s going to do so.

A. Grant B. Granted that C. Having Granted that D. Grant that

18.The reply, when it finally came, was ________ the negative.

A. for B. into C. in D. with

19.I don‘t mind _______ the decision as long as it is not too late.

A. you to delay making B. your delaying making C. your delaying to make D. you delay to make

20._______ for a long time, most of the crops in this area died from lacking water.

A. Being no rain B. There was no rain C. To be no rain D. There being no rain

21.—— We have to stop talking here outside. Listen, _______!

—— Hurry up, or we‘ll be late.

A. There goes the bell B. There does the bell go C. There the bell goes D. Goes the bell there

22.The factory _______ we‘ll visit next week is not far from here.

A. where B. to which C. which D. in which

23.—Why didn‘t you buy a new car?

—I would have bought one if I _______ enough money.

A. had B. have had C. would have D. had had

24.There was so much noise that the speaker couldn‘t make himself ________.

A. hear B. heard C. hearing D. to hear

25.This is an important problem _______ too few social scientists have researched.

A. which B. that C. into that D. into which

26.They ________ extensive and possibly dangerous actual flight training.

A. undertake B. undergo C. underplay D. underuse

27.They will get the preparation done early in May.

A. 他们五月初就能让别人准备完工作

B. 他们五月初就能准备好工作

C. 他们早在五月份就能把准备工作做完

D. 他们五月初就能把准备工作做完

28.Weather _______, we‘ll go out for a walk.

A. permitted B. permitting C. permits D. for permitting

29.I don‘t think the charge for overhauling the equipment is excessive in _______ to its size.

A. correspondence B. equation C. proportion D. dimension

30.It is difficult to understand this kind of _______ calculation.

A. intricate B. varied C. indispensable D. equable

31._______ for the free ticket, I would not have gone to see film so often.

A. If it is not B. Were it not C. Had it not been D. If they were not

32.Nobody but you _______ what he said.

A. agrees with B. agrees out C. agree with D. agree to

33.—David has made great progress recently.

—_______, and _______.

A. So he has;so you have B. So he has;so have you C. So he has;so do you D. So has he;so you have

34.The engineer ______ my father works is about 50 years old.

A. to whom B. on whom C. with which D. with whom

35._______ is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language.

A. There B. This C. That D. It

36.Happiness doesn‘t always _______ money.

A. go through B. go in for C. go with D. go over

37.We were told that the stone figure _______ back to the 16th century was ofgreat value.

A. dated B. dating C. coming D. kept

38.That is the house _______ you can enjoy the scenery.

A. in that B. that C. which D. from which

39.The old couple have been married for 40 years and never once _______ with each other.

A. they had quarreled B. they have quarreled C. have they quarreled D. had they quarreled

40.There is a growing body of evidence to support the fact that most people suffer from a lack of daydreaming _______ an excess of it.

A. other than B. rather than C. in place of D. instead





3.正确答案:D答案解析:本题考查词组辨析。rather than:与其…(不如);不是…(而是)。句意:到二十一世纪中叶,世界上大多数人口将生活在城市而不是农村。

4.正确答案:A答案解析:appreciate doing sth. 愿意,喜欢做某事。句意:人们喜欢同他交谈是因为他既博学又幽默。

5.正确答案:A答案解析:in proportion to:按…的比例,与…成正比。

6.正确答案:D答案解析:leading into的逻辑主语是highway,它们之间是主动的关系,所以用动名词形式。句意:他们修建了一条通往山里的公路。


8.正确答案:B答案解析:break away:脱离,逃离,逃走。符合句意。介词from与后面的the bad men连接。break out:爆发。break into:闯入,潜入,破门而入。

9.正确答案:C答案解析:with the door open是with 的复合结构,open 为形容词,表状态; stood与came, entered为并列关系,在句中作谓语。




13.正确答案:A答案解析:be identified with:和……有联系,被视为与……等同。


15.正确答案:A答案解析:to suppress the riot在句子中是作目的状语,表示“警察来是镇压动乱的”,所以答案为A.

16.正确答案:C答案解析:deprive sb of sth:剥夺某人某物。

17.正确答案:B答案解析:Granted that:尽管,即使。

18.正确答案:C答案解析:in the negative:否定的,否决。


20.正确答案:D答案解析:There being no rain为 there be句型的独立主格形式。

21.正确答案:A答案解析:在以here, there, up, down, in, on, out, away, off等副词开头的句子里,主语是名词时,句子主谓全部倒装,以示强调。但主语是人称代词时,不倒装。



24.正确答案:B答案解析:make sb done: 使某人被…


25.正确答案:D答案解析:into which引导的是problem的定语从句。which指代problem,into与research搭配。


27.正确答案:D答案解析:首先需要注意early in May表示“五月初”的意思,选项A“让别人准备完”这种表达是不准确的;此外get the preparation done表示的是“把准备工作做完”,选项B的表达不是很准确。

28.正确答案:B答案解析:本题中没有连词,它不是复合句,也不是并列句。 句中使用了逗号,且we 小写,可知其不是两个简单句。能够这样使用的只有独立主格或with的复合结构。据此判断,本句中使用的是独立结构, 其结构为:名词+分词。 由于permit在这里翻译为“天气允许”,表主动,应用现在分词,故选B.

29.正确答案:C答案解析:in proportion to是固定搭配, 意为“与……成比例, 与……相称”。反义语:out of proportion不成比例,不相称。本题译文:我认为该设备的大修费并不过分, 是与它的大小相称的。

30.正确答案:A答案解析:参考译文:很难理解这种错综复杂的计算。intricate 错综复杂的,纠缠不清的; varied 不同的,种种的; indispensable 不可缺少的,绝对必要的; equable 变动甚少的,稳定的。

31.正确答案:C答案解析:从本题后半句可以看出这是一个与过去事实相反的`虚拟条件句,从句中的动词要用“had +过去分词”,如果将if省略,had要位于主语之前,构成倒装句,故本题的答案是C.Had it not been for the free ticket =If it had not been for the free ticket.

32.正确答案:A答案解析:主语为nobody时,谓语动词用单数,如果主语被but, as wellas, with等短语修饰,谓语仍与主语的数保持一致。该题易误选C、D,选D的原因在于词组记忆不清,用介词to时之后应加具体项目。而选择C就在于误把you作为主语对待了。而实际上nobody才是主语。


34.正确答案:D答案解析:with whom引导定语从句。with whom放在从句中即为:my father works with the engineer.

35.正确答案:D答案解析:为了保持句子的平衡,往往用先行词it作形式主语或形式宾语,而把真正的主语或宾语放到后面,尤其是that引导的主语从句往往用先行词it作形式主语。此句也可以改写为:That English is being accepted as an international language is a fact.

36.正确答案:C答案解析:句意:幸福未必总是伴随金钱而来。go with:伴随,与……相配

37.正确答案:B答案解析:本句中含有be+of+n.这个结构。dating back to the 16th century的逻辑主语是stone figure.

38.正确答案:D答案解析:句意:你从中能欣赏外面风景的就是这座房子。在定语从句中判断用关系代词还是用关系副词,需要弄明白在从句中需要什么语法成分,也就是说,要看关系词在定语从句中担任什么成分,本题的定语从句中少地点状语,先行词又是表地点的名词,故可选用where.观察四个选项后,我们发现并无where一词,我们可以用“介词+ which”来代替。注意,本句话所表达的应该是:You can enjoy the scenery from the house,故可排除A选项,选D.

39.正确答案:C答案解析:本题考查的是倒装结构的用法。第二分句中因有否定副词never提前,故应用倒装结构;第一分句中的have been married已限定了时态,据此可排除D项。

40.正确答案:B答案解析:rather than 而不是。other than 不同于,除了;in place of 代替;instead 代替。

自考英语二试题及答案 2


1. The words of his old teacher left a ____ impression on his mind. He is still influenced by them.

A) long B) lively C) lasting D) liberal

2. Mike’s uncle insists ____ in this hotel.

A) staying not C) that he wou1d not stay B) not to stay D) that he not stay

3. We agreed to accept ____ they thought was the best tourist guide.

A) whatever B) whomever C) whichever D) whoever

4. It is our ____ policy that we wil1 achieve unity through peaceful means.

A) consistent B) continuous C) considerate D) continual

5. Between 1974 and 1997, the number of overseas visitors expanded ____ 27%.

A) by B) for C) to D) in

6. A1though many peop1e view conflict as bad, conflict is sometimes useful ____ it forces people to test the relative merits of their attitudes and behaviors.

A) by which B) to which C) in that D) so that

7. He is ____ about his chances of winning a gold medal in the Olympics next year.

A) optimistic B) optional C) outstanding D) obvious

8. Sometimes I wish I ____ in a different time and a different place.

A) be living B) were living C) would live D) would have lived

9. The director was critical ____ the way we were doing the work.

A) at B) in C) of D) with

10. In a sudden ____ of anger, the man tore up everything within reach.

A) attack B) burst C) split D) blast



答案为C.本题考点:词义的辨析。A)long 长的,(多指长度)Blively活泼的,充满生气的;C)lasting 永久的,持续的 D)liberal 慷慨的,大方的;自由的。


答案为D.本题考点:虚拟语气。insist一词后可以是insist on doing sth.或insist 后接从句,此时从句要用be型虚拟语气,亦即主语加动词原型。本句用了否定形式。


答案为D.根据句子结构,所需要的连接代词在从句中应做主语,表示任何人,而 they thought 是插入成分。


答案为A.本题考点:词义辨析。A)consistent 始终如一的,一贯的 B)continuous 持续的,连续的;C)considerate 考虑周到的D)continual不断的。


答案为A.本题考点:介词的用法。表示增长了多少,一般用by .表示增长到用to.


答案为C.本题考点:带从句的介词的用法。in that是既然,因为的意思。此句后半部分是在阐述原因。

7.[译文] 他对在明年的奥运会上赢得金牌的可能性持乐观态度。

答案为A.本题考点:词义辨析。A)optimistic 乐观的 B)optional 可选择的 C)outstanding 杰出的 D)obvious 明显的。




答案为C.本题考点:固定搭配。be critical of 为固定搭配,意思为对……挑剔,吹毛求疵。





In traditional Chinese family culture, descendants of several generations from the same ancestor lived together and formed a big family system. This kind of autonomous family system was the basic unit of traditional Chinese society. Chinese children follow their fathers family name. This is the same as western culture. Nowadays in China it is legally fine for a child to follow either fathers family name or mothers family name. Within each family system, of course people except those who joined this family system through marriage all have the same family name.




Directions: Translate the following passage into Chinese and put your translation on the ANSWER SHEET.

Throughout the world, for more than a century, artists have embraced jazz. They have adopt-ed its spontaneity and its freedom of expression. Jazz is so much more than music: it is a lifestyle and a tool for dialogue, even social change. The history of jazz tells of the power of music to bring together artists from different cultures and backgrounds, as a driver of integration and mutual re-spect. Jazz gave rhythm to the straggles of the civil fights movement in the United States, and has done so elsewhere in the world. Through jazz, millions of people have sung and still sing today their desire for freedom, tolerance and human dignity.



自考英语二试题及答案 3

1.It is obvious that this new rule is applicable to everyone without _____.






[译文] 很明显,这条规定适用于任何人,没有例外。

[解析] Without exception为固定搭配,表示“毫无例外,无一例外”。Exclusion表示“排除,排外”;modification的意思是“更改,修正”;substitution表示“替代”。

2.Last night he saw two dark _____ enter the building, and then there was the explosion.






[译文] 昨天晚上他看见两个黑影进了大楼,然后就发生了爆炸。

[解析] Feature 表示“特征,特点”;sketch的意思是“素描,梗概,草图”;image表示“形象”;而figure表示“外形,轮廓,体型”,符合上下文。

3.Faced with rapid inflation and _____ international and home markets, many firms have declared bankrupt.

A. lessening

B. shortening

C. shrinking

D. withdrawing

答案:C.。考查近义动词的语义辨析。各选项的意思及用法分别是:选项A.lessening减少,减轻,侧重指程度、重要性等的减轻。如:The defeat lessened our chances of winning the championship.此次失败使我们夺冠的希望变得更加渺茫。lessen the burden of减轻负担;选项B.shortening缩短,变短,如The days are beginning to shorten.天开始变短了。shorten the gap between缩小……之间的差距;选项C.shrinking使收缩,缩小,减少,侧重指尺寸、大小等的变小。如:The number of students attending the lecture has shrunk.听讲座的学生人数减少了。Will this soap shrink woolen clothes?这种肥皂会使羊毛衣服缩水吗?选项D. withdrawing收回,撤退,撤销,如:After awhile, he withdrew his proposal.过了一会儿,他撤回了他的提议。根据题意可判断出选项C.应为正确答案。全句意思是“面对通货膨胀和日益缩小的国际国内市场,许多公司都已宜布破产”。

4.Wed better eliminate junk foods from our kitchen and keep a variety of high-quality foods _____ at all times.

A. available

B. desirable

C. enormous

D. numerous

答案:A.。考查形容词语义环境。四个选项的意思分别是:选项A.available现成可使用的,在手边的,可利用的;选项B.desirable称心如意的,值得有的,如I envy Jane because her job is so desirable.我很羡慕简,因为她有一份很称心的工作。选项C.enormous巨大的,极大的,庞大的;选项D.numerous许多的,很多的,如:This is a conclusion he has drawn from numerous facts.这是他从很多事实当中得出的结论。根据题干可判断出选项A.应为正确答案。全句的意思为“我们应清除厨房里的垃圾食品,而使各种高质量的食物随手可及”。

5.The purpose of your resume is to _____ enough interest in you to have an employer contact you for an interview.

A. assemble

B. generate

C. yield

D. gather

答案:B.。考查动词的语义辨析。各选项的意思分别是:选项A.assemble意为“集合,聚集,召集;装配”,如:The whole school assembled in the main hall.全校学生在大礼堂集合。Before you assemble the model plane, read the instructions.在你组装模型飞机前,先读说明书。选项B.generate意为“生成,产生(光、热、电等.;引起(兴趣等.”,如:News of the Queens visit is generating a lot of excitement.女皇来访的消息使大家感到非常兴奋。选项C.yield意为“生产,产生(利润、回报等.;投降,屈服”,如:His business yields big profits.他的生意利润丰厚。选项D.gather意为“聚集,集合;收集,采集”,如:Many people gathered in the town square.很多人聚集在市政广场。该题需注意选项B.和选项C.在搭配上的区别。根据题意,选项B.应为正确答案。全句意思为是“简历就是要充分引起雇主对你的兴趣,并达到进一步联系面试的目的”。

6.Some concepts may be difficult to grasp chiefly because they may be unfamiliar or _____ ideas, opinions which we already hold.

A. in accordance with

B. in conflict with

C. in favor of

D. in response to

答案:B.。考查介词短语的语义。四个选项的意思分别是:选项A.in accordance with依照,根据;选项B.in conflict with与……相冲突;选项C.in favor of支持,赞同;选项D.in response to作为对……的反应。根据题意可判断出选项B.为正确答案。全句的意思为“一些观念很难让人领会主要是因为我们对其不熟悉或者是因为与我们原有的观点相矛盾”。

7.The city government has determined to get _____ with people who try to escape paying taxes.

A. rough

B. tough

C. rigid

D. bold

答案:B.。考查形容词语义及搭配。能与介词with搭配的只有选项B.tough,get tough with/on sb.意为“对……采取坚决态度;对……采用强硬手段”。其余选项的意思分别是:选项A.rough意为“粗糙的;粗野的,粗暴的;粗略的,大致的”;选项C.rigid(行为观点等.严格的.,死板的,不易改变的;选项D.bold意为“勇敢的,无畏的;冒失的,鲁莽的”。全句的意思是“政府部门决心采取强硬手段来惩治偷税人员”。

8.Human beings are superior to animals _____ they can use language as a tool to communicate.

A. for which

B. in which

C. in that

D. for that


详解:答案为C。in that表示“因为,既然”.

9.Do you know the name of that _____ insect?

A. funny, little, red, mosquito-like

B. little, funny, mosquito-like, red

C. red, little, funny, mosquito-like

D. mosquito-like, red, little, funny



10.The time has come _____ we make extensive use of nuclear energy.

A. When

B. while

C. as

D. since


详解:答案为A。when引导的定语从句修饰time,有时为了使句子平衡,也就是使主语不必过长,而把定语从句或同位语从句后置于谓语之后。如:The news came that our team won the match.

11.Professor Black and professor Smith will _____ in giving the class lectures.

A. alter

B. change

C. alternate

D. differ



12.We drive our car fast and soon _____ other cars on the road.

A. oversee

B. overtake

C. overrun

D. override





13.Are there any other factors that might affect the development of a child ______ education and innate inability?

A. apart from

B. away from

C. far from

D. but for



apart from除……之外,away from远离,far from 远非,but for要不是。

14.I would never have encouraged you to go into this field _____ it would be so hard for you.

A. had I known

B. and I had known

C. should I know

D. but I knew





15.Reading is to the mind _____ food is to the body.

A. what

B. that

C. similar

D. which



what是关系代词,A is to B what C is to D,A对于B之间的关系犹如C对于D。


16.Janes _____ for gardening is evident by all of these beautiful flowers.

A. acquaintance

B. familiarity

C. achievement

D. enthusiasm





17.In the 1850s Harriet Beecher Stowes "Uncle Toms Cabin" became the best seller of the generation, _____ a host of imitators.

A. inspiring

B. inspired

C. inspired by

D. to inspire



18.They have made a _____ plan to build a suspension bridge over the river.

A. bald

B. bound

C. bold

D. bare





19.Her humorous remarks seemed _____, but were in fact carefully prepared beforehand.

A. precise

B. blank

C. spontaneous

D. bold





20.Are there any other factors that might affect the development of a child _____ education and innate inability?

A. apart from

B. away from

C. far from

D. but for



apart from 除……之外,away from 远离,far from 远非,but for 要不是。


自考英语二试题及答案 4

1、_______,the story of Snow White appeals to many adult readers,too.

A、Though it written for children

B、Though written for children

C、Though for children written

D、It was written for children

[答案] B


[解析] though可以引导让步状语从句,当从句的主语和主句的主语一致,而且从句的谓语动词是be的形式时,可将从句的主语和be的`形式省略。因此B为正确答案。A中没有省略主语it,因而错误。C中过去分词短语后置,D中缺少从属连词,所以C和D也错误。

2、_______, work songs often exhibit the song culture of a people in a fundamental form.

A、They occur where they are

B、Wherever they occur

C、Occurring where

D、Where do they occur

[答案] B


[解析] wherever用作连接副词,意为“无论在哪里”,引导一个让步状语从句。由此可见,B既符合语法又符合题意,为正确答案. A为一个分句,和下文缺少连接词,不正确。C为现在分词短语,where后没接任何成分,不合语法,不正确。D为一特殊疑问句,不符合句子结构,也排除。

3、No sooner had we started on the road _____it began to rain.

A、when B、than C、then D、whenever

[答案] B

[解析]如果您的语法够娴熟,您一浏览题干,答案也就冒出来了,其实出题人考察的简单说来就是no sooner . than. -.就,...就的一固定搭配。

no sooner . than与hardly .. when的区别。 两者没有实质性的区别。出题人主要考察您是否知道than与when是不能互换的。

4、By no means_____ look down on those who are less lucky in life than we are.

A、we should B、should we C、we should not D、should we not

[答案] B

[解析]选项分为两类: A与C为一类(正常语序) ;B与D为倒装结构,should等词语 是不能呆在句首,在句尾没有问号的情况下。本题目就是把否定词By no means(决不)生拉硬拽到了句首,按照正常语序By nomeans是不能呆在句首的,所以得倒装!!排除A与C选项。与D选项的区别:是否否定。翻译-下题干,我们不难发现此题目不能再否定,因为双重否定.等于肯定。答案是B.

5、So many people _____, the meeting had to be put off.

A. being absent

B. to be absent

C. were absent

D. had been absent

[答案] A

[解析]题目选项分为两类: A与B为非谓语:C与0为谓语。根据“连词=谓语个数一1"的规则,此题目不能再有谓语(一个谓语had to be put off,委个连词),排除C与0选项。B选项是动词不定式,表达发生在谓语动作(had to be out off)的将来。即发生在谓语动作的后面。根据题意,其实“缺席”与“不得不推迟”是同时发生的动作。所以排除8选项。答案是A.

6、"Do you know Canada?" "No, ______ there. "

A. Ive never been

B. Id never been

C. Ive never gone

D. Id never gone

[答案] A

[解析]过去完成时需有过去时间作参照,以表示出“过去的过去"这么一个概念,因此B和D均不合适。have been to someplace和have gone to someplace的区别在于: 前者说明“去过某地,现在已不在那里了”:后者说明“已经去了某地,现在在那里或在去那里的路上,不在这里”。很显然,C有悖常识。故只能选A.

7. "Id like you to _______ me some clothes. " said the customer.

A. show B. see C. explain D. provide

[答案] A

[句意]“我希望你给我看些衣服。 "这位顾客说道。

[解析] Show sb. sth. 是固定搭配,意为“给某人看某物”; see后面不能接双宾语,explain常用于explain sth. to sb.结构中。provide用于provide sb. with sth.结构中,如: The Red Cross provides the orphans with food and clothes.红十字会给孤儿们提供衣食。

8、"Here is the money I promised, " he said, "I always _______ my promise. "

A. agree B. follow C. make D. keep

[答案] D

[句意]“这就是我答应给你的钱” ,他说道,“我一直遵守诺言. "

[解析] agree意为“同意,赞同",常用于词组agree with sb. 或agree to aplan(sueestion). follow意为听从,遵循,领会". make a promise是固定搭配,意为“许诺”.而keep a promise是 “信守诺言”,如: 0ne should keep hispromise.人应该信守诺言。由此可见D为正确答案。

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